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Max translation is a complete package of translation services in many language combinations. Our services consist of financial translation services, legal translation services, medical translation services, patent translation services, professional document translation services, website translation services, technical translation services and even translations of human resource materials, training materials and courseware, employee handbooks as well as surveys. The quality in maintaining translation management system is ISO certified 9001:2008. We have a work experience of more than 30 years and in thousands professional linguists. We assure that you will get the most superlative translation services for your money.


Our services:

⦁ Financial Translation Services: We understand the importance of translating financial business documentations because this requires proper accuracy and the right language. Our workflow is very unique that handles the projects of financial translations in a very accurate and simple manner. There are various reputed financial institutions that rely on our services. We are in banking translations, investment translations as well as insurance translations.

⦁ Legal Translation Services: The max translation is the principal provider of legal translation services to the well known legal departments around the globe. Within this, we also deal with the document translation and the prosecution support for the unresolved legal matters and the cases including large foreign language documents.

⦁ Medical Translation Services: We are the medical translation services provider who uses the latest technology in handling projects. The world’s respected pharmaceutical medical device manufacturers company love to work with us. You can attain our certified translation services within the budget. We provide the quality medical translation of various protocols.

⦁ Patent Translation Services: Within our patent translation services, we translate the applications, patent litigation documents, the prior art as well as many office actions in over 100 languages. Our team consists of the experts of subject matter in a wide range of technical fields with years of experience in patent translation. You can check out our ISO-certified quality control to match the patent translation.

⦁ Professional document Translation Services: Our professionalism in the document translation services includes all the business plans, income statements, insurance documents, prospectuses, resumes as well as patents. For every document, we use the latest tech tools to provide you with the type of translations that meet your demands.

⦁ Website Translation Services: If you are translating website than it will definitely benefit you with a rise in sales, SEO, great user experience as well as online reach. We follow the static approach that will expose your brand to the various miserable scenarios.

⦁ Technical Translation Services: We are always committed in following the high standards of the quality services. Our technical translator team is well versed as the trained linguists and holding command over several languages. You don’t need to bother about the document anymore because we will show up our work as if your document was written in the same language itself.

We are the top notch choice of several large firms for the accurate as well as sensitive translations. You can contact us for the documents you want to translate and visit our website http://localhost/maxtranslations today.