Florida Translation Agency

Max Translation is an experienced professional translation company founded on its core values of providing high-quality translations at a competitive price. Our devotion to customer satisfaction is unparalleled and is accomplished through the Max Translation quality control process. We help companies do business worldwide by providing our language services in over 100 different languages with offices located nationwide.

With thousands of multi-lingual global professionals at our fingertips, we can translate your documents accurately in their respective language and subject matter. We provide and create value like no other language translation company because translation to us is more than just words, it is a bridge to connect people with the world.

Our headquarters are in New York, Texas and we have regional locations in many major U.S cities, including Denver, Los Angeles, and San Diego. We offer services to any company, individual or family worldwide.

Florida Translation Company

Max Translation provides professional translation services in the Miami area and surrounding metroplex. Including, Weston, Coral Gables, Kendall, Key Biscayne, Pinecrest, Surfside, Aventura, and Bay Harbor Island.

The city has a lot of international traffic and is sometimes referred to as the capital of Latin America. Downtown Miami has one of the largest concentrations of International Banks in the United States. Furthermore, it has a strong international business community.

Tourism is one of the Miami’s largest private-sector industries. Some popular tourist destinations in Miami include South Beach, Lincoln Road, Bayside Marketplace and Downtown Miami for its nightclubs, beaches, historical buildings, and shopping. For its nightlife, it is also referred to as Magic City.

Cuisine has been influenced by its close neighbor in Cuba. Such as, the Cuban Sandwich, Cuban Espresso, and Croquetas.

Miami is known for its sports teams, Miami Dolphins, Miami Heat, and the Miami Marlins.

Translation Services Near Me In Florida

Max Translation is an experienced translation agency providing the very best document translation services to clients across the United States and the world. You can visit our locations page for specific locations and find “translation services near me“. While we service these major cities and surrounding areas, we also assist clients residing in other areas. As we only need digital copies of your documents in order to translate, there is no need to hand your documents in person. This process saves you time, money, and improves efficiency in the process of delivering quality translations to you.

Spanish Translation Services In Florida

As a translation company in Florida, we provide Professional Spanish Translation Services for many companies, law firms, and individuals. A typical translation will be for general Spanish, which can be understood by a large audience. We can also localize for specific regions, including countries in Latin America, the US, and Europe at your request. We have a high volume of requests for Spanish into English translations and our team has the capabilities to understand the variants in Spanish to correctly translate into English. Companies tend to use our Spanish Translations for business operations, communication, marketing, legal purposes, and sales. As tourism is very big in Miami, we find ourselves providing Spanish translations for hotels and restaurants. Law firms utilize our Professional Translation Services for their cases in employment law, family law, business and finance law, and immigration. Individuals may be in the process of getting a green card, visa, naturalization citizenship, fulfilling travel requirements, or other immigration purposes.

Chinese Translation Services In Florida

Max Translation is a leading translation agency in Florida. We deliver Professional Chinese Translation Services to our customers. The spoken dialects of Chinese, Mandarin or Cantonese, are often requested in our Contact Form. However, the written forms of Chinese are either Simplified or Traditional. Companies use our Chinese Translations to run their daily business operations, email communication, domestic and international marketing, legal purposes, and sales. Law firms choose us when they need Professional Translations for their clients’ cases. These cases can be related to employment law, family law, business and finance law, and immigration. The majority of these will require a Certified Translation and we provide this at no extra charge. Individuals choose us as their translation provider when they are in the process of getting a green card, visa, or naturalization citizenship. Translation services are often also needed for travel requirements or other immigration purposes.

French Translation Services in Florida

Max Translation is a leading professional language provider for French Translation Services for many small to medium-sized companies, domestic and international law firms, and individuals. The most popular form of French we translate is for France. We also provide French Canadian Translation Services. Management teams utilize our French Translations for day-to-day business operations, internal communication, marketing a product or service, legal compliance, and sales. Law firms choose us time and time again for our Professional French Translations as we meet the deadlines that they have for their legal proceedings. Certified French Translations are requested from our clients often for immigration and court purposes. We provide our certification letter at no extra charge.

German Translation Services in Florida

Our professional translation company provides German Translation Services for many U.S. businesses, small to global law firms, and individuals. Clients often come to us with documents of older versions of German documents when they have tried other companies and they do not have the capabilities that we do. These are often older marriage certificates, birth certificates, and letters that need translation into English. This is different from today’s German language and requires specialization for the time period of the document originates from. The form we often deal with is Sütterlin, a historical form of German handwriting. While Sütterlin is common amongst an individual’s needs, our corporate clients need German Translations for business purposes. Our Professional German Translations are used for daily business operations, newsletters and emails, international marketing of a product or service, legal policies, and sales. Law firms choose us as their German Translation provider for legal proceedings and immigration use. For most of these law firms, it is standard to provide our certification letter which comes at no extra charge.

We support 100+ Languages for a wide scope of industries, including Law Firms, Marketing Agencies, Medical Companies, Technology Companies, Financial Institutions, and many Small Businesses.