Professional translators


Max Translation is a translation agency in USA. We offer an easy and fast way to get professional & high-quality translations of your documents, websites and more. We work with a global team of native-speaking translators, offering translation services that are both accurate and authentic.

We provide a wide array of translation services. From certified translations to document translation services to website translations: We cover all of your translation needs. On top of that, we provide additional language services, including proofreading, localization, transcreation & transcription services

100% Native Translators

Translations are not an easy task. We might understand multiple languages and even be able to communicate fluently in each of them, but does that mean that each and every one of us would manage to translate a document that holds much significance, such as a legal contract or a medical research paper? You’re right, it doesn’t!

Even a slight change in wording can alter the whole meaning of a sentence and lead to unfavorable outcomes.

This is why it is important to hire a professional translation agency and have your documents translated by native speakers.

Highly Experienced Translators

At Max translation, we have professional native translators who excel at providing multilingual translation services for different industries.

We have the best team of passionate translators, who offer high-standard translation services with a special focus on accurate meaning, dialect, and syntax.

Specific Translators for Each Industry

Every field has its distinct terminology, so our team consists of experts who are specially trained for each of them.

From medical translation to legal translation, our services cover it all. And for each of the categories mentioned, we have trained professionals that provide you with the best and most accurate translation.

If you want to communicate in a more comfortable and efficient way, you can partner with Max translation, a company that takes pride in offering a variety of translation services.

All our translators follow a set of strict rules to make sure the translation offered is of the highest quality. Furthermore, our experts abide by a set of confidentiality regulations to ensure that sensitive data is always in good hands.