Max Translation Agency – Best Professional Translation Services Provider

Are you looking for a Rhode Island Translation Agency that translates texts and documents in a high-quality manner, preserving the true message and tone of the source text? Then Max Translation is just what you need. We translate documents in every conceivable language combination at very competitive rates. The quality of our translation service is guaranteed by a team of passionate translators from various language areas.

Business Translation Services

For companies and other business organizations, we often carry out larger translation projects. We have translated many legal documents, brochures, and annual reports, but Max Translation is also happy to help you with other types of business-related translations, large or small. We also have extensive experience in sworn and certified translations.

Private Translation Services

As a professional translation agency, we carry out translation services for private individuals as well as for business customers. For private individuals, for example, we translate resumes and cover letters so that you are well prepared when applying for a job. We also translate official documents such as marriage certificates, diplomas, passports and wills.

Low rates and urgent translations

Quality is paramount in the translations we carry out. At the same time, we attach great value to offering competitive rates and a short turnaround for assignments. You’ll notice this, respectively, in the cost of your translation and the fast delivery time. If you would like your translation completed even faster, within one or two working days, you can request an urgent translation.

A translation agency that guarantees satisfaction

Quality and accuracy are central to the translations carried out by Max Translation. We therefore offer a satisfaction guarantee with our translation services. This means that we will gladly improve a translation if it does not meet your expectations. Thanks in part to this satisfaction guarantee, our customers have given Max Translation a rating of 9.3! Some of our customer reviews can be read below.

Many disciplines, even more languages

Max Translation has extensive experience in translating texts from different languages and disciplines. Because many of our clients are Dutch, we carry out many translations from and into the languages of neighboring countries. Think, for example, of English, German and French translations. However, the world is getting smaller and the demand for translations from and to other languages is increasing. Our translators therefore come from many language areas. This enables us, as a translation agency, to provide translations into Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Hebrew and Chinese, among others.

We have been operating for more than 18 years as a translation agency for high-quality technical translations from all fields. Whatever the subject area and whatever the language combination, we have the right translator for you. If desired, we can prepare patent translations, technical translations, website translations and all other technical translations on time, at fair prices and in uncompromising high quality.

Spanish Translation Agency

If you need a regular or certified Spanish translation, Max Translation is the agency for you. Spain, or Latin America for that matter, is a great destination for a sunny holiday – cerveza, paella and café solo need no introduction or translation. For everything else, our certified Spanish translation agency can provide you with professional regular, as well as certified Spanish translators who will deliver high quality translations. You can entrust them and our certified Spanish translations agency with all your documents, whether they are public or confidential in nature (e.g., mortgages, birth certificates, marketing materials, etc.). You can also be certain that Max Translation will offer you the best price possible. No matter who your target group is, our certified (or sworn) Spanish translators are able to get your point across and address your clients or customers in their native language and just the right tone of voice. Please contact us to learn how our regular and certified Spanish translators can be of service to you.

Translations in All Fields of Expertise

Max Translation offers different types of translation services for many areas of expertise. To start with, we provide technical translations (e.g., instructions/user manuals). Technical documents can also refer to IT, industrial, mechanical, and engineering texts. You will need linguists specialized in the narrow scope of your required field of expertise. Our expert linguists are familiar with your specialized industry terms. Secondly, Max Translation offers financial translation services (e.g., bank statements, contracts) for those who work in the financial industry. Thirdly, our agency provides certified or legal document translation services. Many of our clients request legal translation services, as most of them need their documents translated and legalized for immigrating or studying abroad. Here at Max Translation, we have translated many corporate statutes, deeds/articles of association, warrants, certificates of good conduct, administrative texts, prenuptial agreements, death certificates, scholarship letters, wills, and testaments, to name a few. Our agency can offer you both translation and legal validation.