Transcription services

Audio-Text Conversion

Max translation agencies also provide professional transcription services from English or non-English audio to text in any language you want. There are many transcription software available, but the problem with computerized translation is that it fails to recognize the accent and dialect during transcription. This is when human expertise comes into play because humans can judge and interpret the emotions and understand the accent of people speaking their native language. Therefore, we provide accurate and high-quality transcription that meets the global standard. Transcription is a long and tedious process that requires a lot of attention and patience.

Types of Transcription

  That is why we have a team of professional transcribers who are acquainted with the ethics of transcription. We provide transcription services for a wide range of industries such as medical, business, technical, legal, amongst others. For each industry, we have different transcribers who are experts in each of the fields because each of the sectors requires background knowledge to understand the specific terminologies and content. Our transcribers are native speakers belonging to different parts of the world, so you just have to name language you want to transcribe the audio into the text. At Max translation, we understand that confidentiality is the key concern for many companies and organizations. Therefore, we assure you the confidentiality via a legal binding agreement. Our transcription services are available at reasonable rates and quick deadlines. For more information, feel free to contact us.