Chinese translation

Chinese translation services

MaxTranslation offers professional Chinese translation services with English translations into Chinese and also from English into more than 100 languages. With an internal Chinese translation department in charge of your projects and translation quality, you can trust knowledgeable Chinese translators and terminologists with years of experience, using state-of-the-art computer-assisted translation tools to translate your content into Chinese perfectly. Every MaxTranslation translator specializes in a different field, such as the Chinese translation of technical documents or engineering translations, legal Chinese translations, life science translations into Chinese and from Chinese into English, pharma-medical translations, etc. If you need to translate into Chinese frequently, you can rely on savings. Our Research and Development department has created extremely efficient language databases as part of EU-sponsored language technology research. They recall identical sentences and substitute subsegment terms and group of words using your own previously translated material. This is not machine translation but intelligent advanced leveraging of your translation and terminology assets. Nevertheless, we can also build customized machine translation engines to accelerate your translation process and time-to-market. Using your old translations into Chinese.

Legal Translations

Our large network of expert and professional translators includes hundreds of Chinese legal translators who are knowledgeable and have specific training in the legal system and specific terminology. Our legal Chinese translation service does not stop there, though. MaxTranslation can also offer a range of legal and litigation services including Chinese document management, Chinese document identification, Chinese website crawling, Chinese virtual data rooms, Chinese court reporting, as well as Chinese transcription services. MaxTranslation is your right partner for Chinese translations because of the record of our Chinese translators working with all types of legal documents and proven experience of our translation processes. The areas in which we have produced legal Chinese translations include patent applications, non-disclosure agreements, company merger and acquisition agreements, commercial contracts, marriage, birth and death certificates, wills, employment contracts, rent and hire agreements, general business documents, etc.

Technical Chinese Translation Services for the Manufacturing Industry

Famous brands and technology and manufacturing companies rely on MaxTranslation to provide global translation services to translate their documents within a secure environment into Chinese. MaxTranslation has been involved in large technical translations projects that required a steady team working for months and even years! Our solid team of expert Chinese translators and linguists includes hundreds of Chinese translators with extensive experience working with very specialist Chinese terminologies. With MaxTranslation, you are in safe hands as decades of translation project management experience will take care of your technical Chinese translations needs to provide world-class Chinese documentation translation and Chinese desktop publishing to support your globalization efforts.

Medical Chinese Translation Services

Through our dedicated, European Translation Standard EN15038 and ISO 9001-certified Life Sciences and Medical Translations Division, MaxTranslation is your choice for professional translation services for medical translations, medical devices documentation, approval documents, clinical trials translation services. We help pharmaceutical, life sciences and healthcare companies reach global markets. Hundreds of MaxTranslation-certified Chinese linguists with scientific and medical specialization, service all types of life science enterprises. All of our expert Medical Chinese translators have experience working with Chinese clinical trial questionnaires, Chinese CRFs and Chinese IFUs, Chinese informed consents, as well as Chinese package inserts and labels, Chinese patient surveys, insurance forms, Chinese product catalogs, datasheets, protocols, and many more.

Website Chinese Translation Services

MaxTranslation offers a full, professional website translation service and localization service: website translation and localization make your content available to millions of potential users and clients worldwide. If you need constant web updates to your eCommerce site or website, MaxTranslation’s technology will monitor your new texts, extract and offer you instant Chinese translation, even take care of your publication needs with a service level agreement so you can concentrate on your business and not in translation management! Using the expertise of our translation agency, with a history of thousands of translated pages, we can amaze you by translating your website content considering the best keywords and metatags – not just offering a direct translation of your website translation project but a full website localization project that will turn your website into a magnet. We use the latest combination of applied translation technologies for the web in order to translate full websites in WordPress (which 70% of websites use), Joomla, Drupal, and eCommerce sites so your web becomes an attractive multilingual site for your international audience.

Business News Chinese Translation Services

The publication and dissemination of content and professional translation services to achieve the greatest number of readers is critical when generating new information and content with potential users of your product or service who find you online. High quality translations reflect the professionalism of your business, this is key for the production of reliable content and your business’s presence within social media. The errors of a mistranslation can severely damage a corporate image. The efficiency of correctly translated business news is relevant for any business, as all companies must send and receive reliable information in different languages. This is why a trustworthy translation service is essential. As a result of globalization, both large and small companies are required to communicate with their customers and business partners in different languages. For instance, while offering their products, describing their services, making announcements in other languages and outlining their advances and publications. The web is a huge market where a good channel of communication and Chinese translations greatly amplify your geographical area of operation by making your content available in a country with a high purchasing power.